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A paper has been accepted by IEEE Mobile Services 2016

May 28, 2016

A paper entitled: "An Energy Efficient Data Privacy Scheme for IoT Devices in Mobile Cloud Computing" has been accepted by IEEE Mobile Services which will be held in San Francisco in June 2016. The paper is written by Mehdi Bahrami from UC Merced Cloud Lab, Arshia Khan from University of Minnesota and Mukesh Singhal, the director of UC Merced Cloud Lab.

The abstract of the paper:

The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm allows a network of smart objects, senses the environment. Specifically, these objects obtain IPv6 for connecting to the Internet through 6LoWPAN protocol. These smart objects are able to transfer the data which reads from their embedded sensors and submitted directly to cloud computing. However, outsourcing data to a cloud computing server, as a third-party, is a challenge when privacy can be violated by the cloud vendor’s entities. Traditionally, we use encryption methods, such as AES, to encrypt data for maintaining data privacy and to avoid unauthorized entities access to data. However, traditional encryption methods cannot be run efficiently on IoT devices when they have limited resources, such as low-power battery, low-speed processor and kilobyte storage capacity. This paper presents a novel light-weight data privacy scheme for these tiny computing devices when the devices outsource data to a semitrusted mobile cloud computing system. We implement the proposed scheme on Contiki simulation tools to assess the CPU power consumption and the average power consumption of the smart devices. The experimental results show that the proposed scheme does not introduce radical additional power consumption, and the scheme maintains data privacy while the smart devices outsource data to mobile cloud computing.