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The following are some press releases, interviews, and documentaries of Mehdi Bahrami's work.

You may also check out Mehdi's invited talks, which are publicly available.

  AutoML Podcast, "BERT-Sort: How to use language models to semantically order categorical values", published on Nov 24, 2022.
  BERT-Sort is highlighted in MIT Technology review: "Automated techniques could make it easier to develop AI" by  Tammy Xu on Aug 5, 2022.
  BERT-Sort in MIT Technology Review



Mehdi Bahrami's live interview with David  Talby, NLP Insider, (CEO of  John Snow Labs), May 5, 2022.





  Fujitsu Introduces API Learning Technologies to Manage the Rise of API Learning”, A Press Release of API Learning project during Fujitsu Laboratories of America Technology Symposium, Mountain View, California, USA, Oct 11, 2017.
  Fujitsu API Learning, Mehdi Bahrami


  Researcher Develops New Cloud Security Method for Mobile Users” by Lorena Anderson, Assistant News Director, University of California Merced Press,  May 4 2015.



Campus Celebrates 10th Annual Leadership Awards, Brenda Ortiz, University of California Merced Press,  April 30, 2015.


  UC_Merced_Distinguished Leadership Award_2015_Mehdi_Bahrami