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Granted U.S. Patents

Granted U.S. Patents

(Patent pending applications, Japan and Europe zone patents are not listed)

Mehdi Bahrami, Wei-Peng Chen, "Generating application programming interface knowledge graphs", USPTO Patent NO: US10853150B1 (URL)

Mehdi Bahrami, Wei-Peng Chen, “Generating application programming interface knowledge graphs”, U.S. Patent NO: US10853150B1 (URL).

Mehdi Bahrami, Mehdi Assefi, Wei-Peng Chen, “Metadata-Based API Attribute Extraction”, USPTO Patent NO: US10579372B1 (URL)

Mehdi Bahrami, Sarthak Arora, Wei-Peng Chen, “Associating Documents with Application Programming Interfaces”, USPTO Application Number: 16/166,559, Filing Date: Oct 22, 2018

Junhee Park, Mehdi Bahrami, Wei-Peng Chen, “Automated API Parameter Resolution and Validation”, USPTO Patent No: 16/111,043, Filing Date: Aug 23, 2018, Patent No: US10133650B1

Mehdi Bahrami, Lei Liu, Wei-Peng Chen, “API Mashup Generation”, USPTO Application Number: 15/851,734, Filing Date: Dec 21, 2017, Patent No: US10698664B2

Mehdi Bahrami, Wei-Peng Chen, “API Specification Generation”, USPTO Application Number: 15/851,599, Filing Date: Dec 21, 2017, Patent No: US10620945B2

Wei-Peng Chen, Junhee Park, Mehdi Bahrami, “Providing Access to Application Program Interfaces and Internet of Thing Devices”, USPTO Application Number: 15/996,259

Mehdi Bahrami, Junhee Park, Wei-Peng Chen, “Test-Assisted Application Programming Interface (API) Learning”, USPTO Application Number: 15/715,658, Filing Date: Sep 26, 2017, Patent No:US10572370B2

Mehdi Bahrami, Wei-Peng Chen, Takuki Kamiya, “A Platform For Virtual Reality Movement”, USPTO Application Number:15/707,502 , Filing Date: Sep 18, 2017, Patent No: US10444827B2

Takuki Kamiya, Wei-Peng Chen, Mehdi Bahrami, “JSON DATA VALIDATION”, USPTO Application Number: 15/445,793 Filing Date: Feb 28, 2017, Patent No: US10606891B2

Wei-Peng Chen, Takuki Kamiya, Mehdi Bahrami “Automated Learning Universal Gateway”, USPTO Application Number: 15/373,799, Filing Date: Dec 9, 2016, Patent No: US10574764B2

Mehdi Bahrami, Wei-Peng Chen, Takuki Kamiya, “API Learning”, USPTO Application Number: 15/374,798, Filing Date: Dec 9, 2016. (Filed in USA, Germany and Japan), US Patent No: US10691507B2

Mehdi Bahrami, Wei-Peng Chen, Takuki Kamiya,, “Open Public Internet-of-Things Systems and Methods”, Application Number: 15/804943, Filing Date: Nov 6, 2017, Patent No: US10477395B2